Bruno Pisses Off Eminem at MTV Movie Awards

June 1, 2009 By:
Bruno Pisses Off Eminem at MTV Movie Awards

Eminem is infamous for mocking other celebrities, but Sunday night during the MTV Movie awards, Eminem found himself the butt of the joke. Literally.

Sacha Baron Cohen was dressed as the infamous gay Austrian Bruno at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, and caused quite a stir when presenting Best Male Performance.

He arrived wearing large white wings with feathers. And He certainly made a splash as he was flying around the theater.

"Let me down!" he ordered.

When he was let down, he happened to land right on Eminem. His bare buns were right on Eminem's face and a visibly upset Eminem asked,
"Are you serious...Get the f**k off me!"

"Nice to meet you," Cohen replied. The self-proclaimed homophobic rapper and his entourage tried to push Cohen off.

We don't really know if Eminem was in on the joke, but once he wrestled Bruno off his lap he stormed out of the theater and did not return for the remainder of the broadcast.

It was interesting that Eminem screamed, "get this motherf**ker off of me" after the cameras had already focused in on him in the audience.

It also appeared that Eminem had a mic on and coincidentally there were cameras in every angle of the auditorium when he left the building. Not to mention bodyguards placed near the spectacle.

When Hollyscoop spoke to the shows executive producer, Mark Burnett minutes before the show he hinted to us that Eminem would definitely be the topic of conversation saying, "Eminem. It's epic tonight, it's epic."

Do you guys think it was a set up? MTV has done a great job of setting up show stealing headlines in the past, so we wouldn't put the Bruno/Eminem stunt past them either. Check out the hilarious video below and you be the judge!