420 Moments For Your Brain

April 20, 2012 By:
420 Moments For Your Brain

“It’s Friday… You ain’t got no job… an’ you ain’t got sh*t to do.”

Chris Tucker’s enthusiastic speech to Ice Cube in Friday is an anthem for all smoke-filled living rooms and college dorms across the country currently celebrating this pseudo-holiday.

But there are whole 24 hours in a day. And you might be running out of 420-themed Netflix by now.

So here are five classic moments to keep you giggling in your time of need:

1. Emily Blunt’s Pot Dress

On the red carpet of Five Year Engagement at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival, Emily Blunt showed up to promote her new film Five Year Engagement. However, she might have sent the wrong message as her dress was lined with what was pretty unmistakably pot leaves.

2. The 420 ‘Price Is Right’ Bandit

Evan Goding, a contestant on the “Price is Right,” was all smiles when ex-host Bob Barker told him to “come on down!” Despite Barker’s obliviousness, Goding certainly had a hidden agenda.

The contestant bid “420” on an garden arbor, “1420” on an electric guitar, and “420’” on a karaoke machine.

“I tell you, he looks like he is happy about this,” Barker announced when Goding first joined the other bidders.

He certainly was, Bob. He certainly was.

3. Willie Nelson High on Larry King

In perhaps an act of rebellion or a big f- you to “the man”, Willie Nelson nonchalantly admitted that he was high during an interview with Larry King. Nelson responded to King’s surprise with, “you can arrest me if you want.”

4. ‘Joint’ on Family Feud

This is probably one of the most popular “d’oh!” moments involving marijuana on television. When host Steve Harvey prompted two contestants with the survey question, “Name something people pass around,” imagine his surprise when the first answer given was “joint.”

After giving the contestant who responded with this a hard time, Harvey was even more surprised to find that “joint” was actually a correct answer worth 8 points.

5. Snoop Dogg Gets Old Dude High

When Ian Neale set the world record last year for growing the largest swede – aka rutabaga or Swedish turnip – Snoop Dogg caught wind of it and invited the farmer backstage to sample Snoop’s very own crop.

Despite this reporter’s attempt to keep the illegal drug talk to a minimum, Neale can’t help but reveal the fun he had during his smoke sesh with Snoop.