Rare Photos of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Before They Were HBO Heartthrobs

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Rare Photos of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Before They Were HBO Heartthrobs
Image By: Tumblr

Here's what some of your "Game of Thrones" favorites looked like before they found fame in Westeros.

Peter Dinklage in high school:


Tyrion + mullet = possibly the best high school photo ever taken.


Emilia Clarke in her first on-screen acting role:


Emilia made her debut on this overseas TV drama called "Doctors."


Jason Momoa as a lifeguard:


Many forget that Khal Drogo’s big break was on the Hawaiian version of "Baywatch."


Lena Headey in 1993:


Before she was Queen Cersei, she played a housemaid in the indie comedy The Summer House.


Nikolaj Coster-Waldau kissing Clive Owen:


In 1997, Nikolaj starred alongside Clive in Bent, a historical drama about gays under the Nazi regime.


Kit Harington in high school:


Before the muscles, the facial hair, and the flawlessly disheveled mane, he was this fresh-faced, clean-cut kid.


Sophie Turner with pigtails:


As Sansa Stark, Sophie has definitely graduated from the hairstyle she rocked in prep school.


Maisie Williams with a baby bowl cut:


The actress shared this baby photo of herself with her fans.


Iain Glen’s vintage headshot:


Here’s what Iain used to book gigs when he was first finding work.


Pedro Pascal in a suit:

Tele-Cinema Taurus Inc.

We’re definitely not used to seeing the Red Viper in a suit and tie and polished with hair gel.