14 Signs Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Obsession is Next Level

March 21, 2014 By:
14 Signs Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Obsession is Next Level
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If you're counting down the days until the season 4 premiere of "Game of Thrones," congratulations, you're a fan. But if you're contemplating any of the following, then we're trembling in the presence of your "GoT" fandom.

1. You’re naming your next child Khaleesi, if it’s a girl.



2. Tyrion, if it’s a boy.



3. You go to the animal shelter every Sunday to see if there are any pet dragons up for adoption.



4. You get drunk on Iron Throne beer, exclusively.

Ryan Grenoble


5. While sitting on an actual Iron Throne, exclusively.


This official replica will only set you back $30,000.


6. You’re thisclose to holding George R.R. Martin hostage.



7. That said, you’d never, ever, ever do or say anything to anger him.



8. Every night you feast on the recipes from this cookbook.


Tonight we dine on lemon cake, pork pie, and honeyfingers.


9. You’re teaching yourself High Valyrian.


10. You prep for winter the only way you know how.

One Hand Knits

Because “Winter is coming.”


11. You literally walk around with a White Walker on you at all times.


Because it’s a tattoo and tattoos are PERMANENT.


12. You’ve written letters to Bran Stark before…and he wrote back!


13. You know the names of all of Khaleesi’s dragons.


They’re names are Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon. DUH.


14.  A.K.A, you’re this guy.