Elton John to Adopt From Africa

October 5, 2009 By:
Elton John to Adopt From Africa

Sir Elton John is planning on adopting a child from Africa!

According to reports, Elton and his partner David Furnish had originally hoped to adopt a 14-month old baby boy from the Ukraine named Lev, but ran into a roadblock.

The country objected to the process, saying that not only was Elton to old for a baby at age 62, but that they don’t allow homosexuals to adopt.

But now the couple has Africa on the brain. Furnish told the Sunday Telegraph, “We were in Africa for the [Sir Elton John] Aids Foundation and met a boy and immediately thought about adopting him.

"When we found out he had a maternal grandmother, and brother and sister, we realized it wouldn't be the right thing to take him away from the family he had there.”

We’re sure Elton and David will find their perfect match. There are countless children in need of a family who can provide for them. We wish the couple luck in finding their perfect fit!