Elton John is a 'Modern Woman'

March 28, 2011 By:
Elton John is a 'Modern Woman'

Look out World Wide Web, Elton John is logged on! The legendary singer announced on Gaydar Radio,

“As they say, I am not a modern woman. I’ve actually entered the 21st century.”

Apparently, he also inadvertently announced that he’s had a vagina installed, which I’m sure his surrogate would’ve like to have known before she had his kid ripped out of her own.

John has recently purchased an iPad 2 so he can Skype his son every day when they aren’t together. His partner, David Furnish, said, “For someone who has steadfastly refused to get online, embrace the computer, embrace the internet, Elton got the delivery of his iPad 2 weeks ago because it has the double camera on it.”

Whoever has to explain how the iPad works to someone who has never used the internet has my sympathies. Getting my mom on Gmail is something I never want to experience again and should probably be adopted as a terrorist torture method.

John has been enjoying fatherhood and his new civil union with Furnish.

“When David and I had our civil union in Windsor, it brought us closer together,” he said. “We’d already been together 13 years. It brought us together in the most incredible way. When we had Zachary at the beginning of the year, it moved us even closer together.”

And if that wasn’t close enough, they now have the iPad to make them even closer.

How long before he gets addicted to Angry Birds?