How Elton John's Son Is Following In His Footsteps

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How Elton John's Son Is Following In His Footsteps
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Hold me closer, tiny Zachary!

Elton John is reportedly teaching his eldest son Zachary to follow in his footsteps and has the boy playing the piano already.

“Zachary loves sitting at the piano with his daddy and he sits there and Elton puts his arms around him on the piano bench and plays the piano,” Elton’s partner David Furnish tells Hollyscoop.

This is too cute! We can’t wait for their youngest son Elijah to learn how to sing. OMG family band! Family Vegas residency! Family VH1 reality series! Ok too far.

“Zachary tries to mimic the way that Elton plays the piano. He’s showing musical [talent] but also sporting, he loves soccer,” says David.

Did you know that Elton John is David Beckham’s sons Brooklyn and Romeo’s godfather and we hear that Elton wants Mr. Beckham to coach Zach in soccer when he’s old enough.

David tells us that right now, he and Elton are solely focused on family.

“We’re both at a stage in our lives, slightly older than most conventional parents would be, but I think now we can pick and choose what we want to do in life and we choose to spend more time with our children and focus on that side of life, it’s very satisfying.”