Ellen Wants To Set Up Jennifer Aniston

October 3, 2008 By:
Ellen Wants To Set Up Jennifer Aniston

Everyone knows that Jennifer Aniston is unlucky in love. But that's not keeping the guys from wanting to date her. Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore stopped by Ellen, and the two started talking about his love life. Shemar told Ellen he was "single all day everyday."

Ellen Degeneres asked him what his type was, and Shemar said: "There is one particular person in this town that I kind of got a little crush on. A lot of guys got a crush on this girl but she can't seem to find that man who can get it right and I just want to raise my hand and try. And that's Ms. Jennifer Aniston."

Ellen told him, "She is a friend of mine. I will mention it to her."

What do you think? Should Jen go for Shemar? He's really hot, and definitely not like the rest of the guys she's been with. Plus, maybe dating someone that's not as much in the limelight would be good for Jen.