Ellen Makes Christmas Come Early for One Fan

November 25, 2009 By:
Ellen Makes Christmas Come Early for One Fan

Ellen Degeneres has a heart of gold. She’s always giving away money and gifts to people on her show who are in need, and now she’s doing it off the clock as well.

Ellen has just given $10,000 and a brand new car to one of her fans who has found herself out of work.

Ellen decided it was necessary to help the woman and her family get through the holiday season by giving them a little boost!

Here’s how the two got connected: Single mother Rozina Pijuan wrote in to Ellen, explaining how she’s been struggling to take care of her two young sons since losing her job.

Ellen then invited Pijuan onto her show, so she could hand over the money, a GMC Terrain SUV, and a year's worth of subway tickets.

Degeneres' donation is part of a month-long charity giveaway. The episode will air today so don’t miss it! That’s why we love Ellen!