Ellen DeGeneres is About to Crack

April 22, 2010 By:
Ellen DeGeneres is About to Crack

Ellen Degeneres is working herself to the bone and is reportedly on the verge of a "total breakdown."

Ellen was already busy enough with her own talk show and now that she has American Idol on her plate, she's reportedly ready to crack.

“We fear she’s headed for a total breakdown,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “When she strips away her TV makeup, you can see the stress in her face. She looks gaunt and pale. We’re afraid she has cracked under the pressure.”

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Apparently American Idol is to blame for most of her stress. “Simon was pretty welcoming when Ellen first signed on, but now she’s become his whipping post for anything that’s not working on the show,” said the pal.
“It’s really eating her up inside.”

The source added, “You can see the stress building in her. She’s no always her bouncy, vibrant self. She’s snippy with people, is more easily distracted and needs a few more minutes of makeup to deal with the bags under her eyes."

Maybe she should get some advice from Ryan Seacrest. That guy juggles a bazillion jobs and never breaks a sweat!