Diddy: I Wet the Bed

March 1, 2013 By:
Diddy: I Wet the Bed
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Welp, this is pretty embarrassing…

Sean Combs—AKA “Diddy,” AKA one of the smoothest celebs wandering the swankiest venues of Hollywood—had a little bit of a problem back in the day, and he’s owning up to it: He was a bed wetter.

The big reveal happens on Friday’s episode of “Ellen,” when the rap mogul was promoting his latest business venture, a water brand called AQUAhydrate.

Then this happened…

“One thing I want to say is, I grew up as a Kool-Aid kid,” Diddy says. “I used to pour a half a pound of sugar into the Kool-Aid. Besides it having me bouncing off the walls, I used to be a bed wetter.”

Obviously that sparks a laugh and reactions from the host. But Diddy stays sincere.

“OK, I guess I'm confessing that I used to be a bed wetter,” he adds.

“I went on this quest to stop wetting the bed,” he says. “The first day that I had a sleepover and I didn't wet the bed, it was, like, one of the greatest days of my life. It gave me the swagger that I have today because I stopped wetting the bed.”

The cute moment plays out for a while, with Diddy offering Ellen’s youngster viewership experiencing the same dilemma some advice: stop drinking sugary drinks.

Also, Diddy made sure to add, that he “grew up in the hood,” which completely underminds that whole last speech, don’t you think?