Another Lady Celebrity is Launching a Lifestyle Brand

July 8, 2014 By:
Another Lady Celebrity is Launching a Lifestyle Brand
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Is it time for another middle-aged Caucasian celebrity woman to add “lifestyle guru” to her resume?

It apparently is.

Ellen DeGeneres is the latest middle-aged (ish) lady celebrity to expand her talents into the arena we like to call the “lifestyle” brand.

Ellen will debut a new line of products under the brand E.D. which will feature fashion and home items for women, men AND pets. She will launch the brand with a collection of holiday items for the home.

Thank GOD for this, because there are hardly ANY aspirational lady celebrities from which to buy products from.


I mean, there’s really ONLY Gwyneth Paltrow and her GOOP blog

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Or Jessica Simpson and her clothing/handbag/candle/whatever company

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We suppose there’s Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s fashion takeover as well as her lifestyle blog

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Oh, there’s also Cameron Diaz’ lifestyle book on health

Cameron Diaz


Oh wait, there’s also Blake Lively’s announced but yet-to-be-launched GOOP-esque website

Barcroft Media


What about Jessica Alba’s line of organic skin care products? That’s a lifestyle haul too.

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Oh, we can’t forget about Reese Witherspoon’s recently announced lifestyle company either…

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So, we guess the market kind of already IS oversaturated with rich ladies trying to sell us things that will improve our lifestyles (?)