Elizabeth Taylor Hospitalized

July 14, 2009 By:
Elizabeth Taylor Hospitalized

Dame Elizabeth Taylor has reportedly been hospitalized following the death of her very dear friend Michael Jackson.

Elizabeth was admitted to an L.A. hospital on Monday afternoon. She was said to be so heart broken after Michael's death, the stress of losing him has really taken a toll on her health. And she wasn't that healthy to begin with.

The New York Post’s Cindy Adams reports, "The heart’s gone out of her. She was on the way to his London opening. Then he died, and she began screaming. Then the Jackson family denied her access to their funeral pews and barred her from the events because she was Michael’s friend, not theirs.

"She’s suffering weakness, tiredness, exhaustion, emotional draining. She hasn’t stopped crying. She and Michael were devoted to one another."

That's just the saddest thing. Her broken heart is the cause of her hospitalization. She seems more heartbroken over Michael's death than some of his own family members. Stay strong Elizabeth!