Elizabeth Hurley to Husband: Let's Be Done With it Already!

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Elizabeth Hurley to Husband: Let\'s Be Done With it Already!
Elizabeth Hurley doesn't want to waste another second being married to Arun Nayer, which is why she's asking for a quickie divorce.

Liz is reportedly eager to move on with her life with her new man Shane Warne and has already asked lawyers to draw up paperwork for a divorce.

Elizabeth and Shane Warne Leave Spouses for Each Other

Here's what we know so far, they both signed a pre-nup and are wealthy individually so to speed up the process, neither one of them is going to ask for money. They're both going to walk away with their own fortunes.

An insider explained: "There will be an amicable settlement with no party giving out large portions of money. Liz doesn't want Arun's money, and neither is Arun interested in her wealth."

Even if she tried to go after his millions (he's super wealthy!), his family would definitely intervene.

She humiliated the entire family when photos of her with her lover went public and let's just say they can't wait to lose her as a daughter-in-law as much as she can't wait to be divorced.
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