Elizabeth Hurley is Officially Single

June 15, 2011 By:
Elizabeth Hurley is Officially Single

Boys, put on your Sunday best. Elizabeth Hurley is back on the market!

Hurley split from husband Arun Nayar last year. The grounds for the divorce was "unreasonable behavior" on Nayar's part. And for what this woman has put up with, god only knows what she considers "unreasonable." Nayur is a millionaire businessman who married Hurley in 2007. The couple married in a civil ceremony in England after dating for four years.

It's hard to believe someone as beautiful as Elizabeth Hurley could go through all the heartbreak she has, but she always seems to bounce back looking better than ever.

Hurley met actor Hugh Grant in 1987 while she was struggling in the business. The couple met on the set of a Spanish production called Remando Al Viento. While the two were dating, Grant was infamously arrested for soliciting a prostitute. And I'm not condoning prostitution, but it didn't seem like he did a lot of shopping around first. He pretty much walked down Hollywood Boulevard and picked the first thing he could find.

Hurley stood by his side, but five years later, the couple ended their thirteen-year relationship. I'm not sure what had to have happened to initiate a breakup when you're willing to put up with your boyfriend soliciting a prostitute, but it's gotta be bad.

A couple of years after her breakup with Grant, Hurley gave birth to a son, and the father was a man named Steve Bing, who Hurley had a brief fling with. Bing denied the paternity, but a DNA test proved him wrong. After her son's birth, Hurley started dating Nayar, an Indian textile heir who ran a successful but small software company. After their English castle wedding, the couple had a second wedding in Jodhpur, India.

Since 2010, Hurley has been romantically linked to cricketer Shane Warne. She is the godmother to two of David and Victoria Beckham's sons.