Elizabeth Banks: Yeah, I Hired A Stripper

June 12, 2012 By:
Elizabeth Banks: Yeah, I Hired A Stripper

In this mixed up world of movies like “Magic Mike” and Joey Lawrence performing at Chippendales, we’ve come to believe that male strippers are hot, handsome, dreamboats.

Well, there used to be a time when male strippers were creepy short dudes with Fabio-esque long blonde hair, police costumes, and a boom box ready to play Prince songs.

Elizabeth Banks once hired THAT kind of stripper.

'The Hunger Games actress revealed to Jay Leno Monday night that when she was 19 and in a sorority, she called up her local male stripper for a private show.

“I was young, I was only 19, is that even legal? No, it must be,” says Banks, “I was in a sorority, we hired a stripper to come to the sorority house.”

“I’m not even sure how we found this person. Nowadays you go on yelp and get some recommendations. Is he nice? How long is it? What is he looking for? I just remember being on the phone and being like ‘can he just be nice’” Banks wondered.

After the “stripper logistics” were worked out, he showed up.

“He comes to the house, full police officer uniform. He’s talking about the noise complaint ‘you gotta quiet down,’ he says. The girl that opened the door has no idea that he’s a stripper and he walks in and pulls out a boom box, because that’s how they did back then.”

Cut to today: and Elizabeth Banks is STILL surrounded by strippers.

On June 3, the actress picked up an MTV Movie Award that was presented to her by the cast of Magic Mike. She was so overwhelmed by the stripper action she forgot to thank the fans.

“I forgot to thank the fans,” she laments, “I thanked Channing Tatum and his abs, Joe Manganiello and his abs, Matthew McConaughey and his badunk a donky donk.”

Not only did she forget to thank her fans, when she did remember to thank her husband, the camera panned to her agent!

“My husband finally has his big moment, I thank him in a speech and it pans to someone not him,” says Banks, “That’s my agent, who lives with a man. He’s lovely with a great boyfriend. That’s my agent.”