Photo: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Debuts Newborn Son

October 19, 2009 By:
Photo: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Debuts Newborn Son

World: meet Elisabeth Hasselbeck's newborn son Isaiah. Isaiah: meet world!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to ABC's The View this morning and debuted a photo of her adorable three-month-old son Isaiah.

"He'll never be able to spell his own name, but that's fine," she joked. "He's almost three months or so. He's good," reports Us Weekly.

Hasselbeck told the audience that right after she took this photo she realized that her nipple was still in the shot. "No wonder he's smiling -- my nipple is in the photo," she joked.

Unfortunately, she didn't catch the nipple slip in time and had already sent the photo out to her husband Tim Hasselbeck's family. "Awkwardly, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law saw it," she said.

What a little cutie! Elisabeth already has three other children, Grace Elisabeth, 4, and Taylor Thomas, 21 months, so we can't wait to see whom little Isaiah resembles most.