Elizabeth Hasselbeack Done Having Babies

October 28, 2009 By:
Elizabeth Hasselbeack Done Having Babies

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been doing the balancing act with being a mom and TV personality for years now. She’s got three adorable children; Grace, Taylor, and Isaiah, whom she just gave birth to in August.

That’s quite the brood! And Elisabeth says she’s now done with having kids. She spoke with her The View co-host Barbara Walters on her SIRIUS XM radio show today telling Barbara she won’t be getting knocked up again.

"No, I don't," she said, “If something happened and I was pregnant again ... I don’t know how that would happen, because I'm clearly avoiding my husband.”

Elisabeth says her husband is part of the problem she’s always pregnant! "He's so cute," Hasselbeck said, "This is the problem ... he's very cute."

She also says she has her own type of birth control. “So, it's not like I'm that disciplined, so right now, my strategy is dressing in a way that will not get me pregnant. Nothing too cute," she said. "I'm trying to wear nothing too revealing."

They sound like such a cute couple! Well, we’ll know what the reason is if Elisabeth is suddenly pregnant again!