Elisabeth Hasselbeck Stirs The Palin Pot Again

February 5, 2009 By:
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Stirs The Palin Pot Again

Today’s episode of The View got interesting again! It’s been so dull since the election, but before that every day was a cat fight just waiting to happen.

Things got heated during Hot Topics today when Whoopie introduced a PSA Ashley Judd just did, slamming Sarah Palin for supporting the killing of wolves in Alaska. The video was a little disturbing, portraying hunters gunning a wolf down from their helicopter.

Everyone agreed it was hard to watch, and very sad. And then Elisabeth Hasselbeck jumped in to compare the brutal killings to how many babies are aborted each year. Waaahhh-waaaahh. Debbie Downer.

Elisabeth said, “The problem I have here is, a lot of these vocal celebrities in a way get very loud about these animal killings. Is she as loud about the 260,000 kids that are killed in abortions?”

Joy and the other ladies just wanted Elisabeth to stay on topic, and not switch gears so fast, to which Elisabeth replied, “Is this a socialist table here?”

Watch the video yourself! Whose side are you on?