Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Insert Foot in Mouth

May 5, 2010 By:
Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Insert Foot in Mouth

We’ve all been there. You say something stupid and ignorant, and immediately wish you could turn back time to the minute prior and redo what you said!

Well, that’s what happened with The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. On yesterday’s show, she criticized ESPN correspondent Erin Andrews for wearing skimpy costumes on Dancing With the Stars. Her thought process?

Video: Erin Andrews's Performance on Dancing With the Stars Week 3

As you may recall, Erin was subject to a peeping Tom a few months back who was caught following her around to her different hotel rooms. The guy is now in prison, and Elisabeth said she shouldn’t be drawing attention to herself.

That’s one way to start a war! And it definitely did. First Erin responded, saying Hasselbeck’s remarks were “a slap in the face to victims of stalking and sexual predators.”

She continued: “The thing that I was most upset about is I felt she was mocking a situation. As a mother and a woman, I’m disappointed she went there.”

It didn’t stop there. Erin’s DWTS co-stars definitely have her back. Maksim tweeted: "I'm the one designing [Andrews'] dresses for the show, so I'll just assume that [Hasselbeck] is jealous… and stupid…."

Louis Van Amstel tweeted: I guess miss Hasselback was going after Erin this morning!!!Sharing ur opinion is one thing,being rude is another.Shame on u elizabeth!

She was on my case 4 using our waltz 4 'Equality' in STORYLINE week,now she's throwing Erin under the bus.Erin is dealing w it so good,leave her alone.Aren't u all working for the same network ABC/ESPN????U should have eachother's back,not trashtalk Erin.Im done enough said….

@ehasselbeck why did u have to throw @erinandrewsespn under the bus this morning?shame on u.

Even Evan Lysacek tweeted: "So disappointed that anyone would attack [her] after all she's been through."

This morning, Elisabeth addressed the situation on The View, tearfully saying that she had called Andrews to personally apologize after her five-year-old daughter Grace recommended it.

“So, thankfully, I listened to her — she’s a wise little girl — and I did,” said Hasselbeck. “So, I’m really sorry, and I wanted to offer that publicly too, even though I did follow that advice.”

That was really smart of Elisabeth to apologize, before the whole cast of DWTS came after her! But we have to say, that probably took a lot for her to admit how wrong she was!