Tiger Woods' Ex Elin Nordegren Bulldozes Her Mega Mansion

January 5, 2012 By:
Tiger Woods' Ex Elin Nordegren Bulldozes Her Mega Mansion

Elin Nordegren does things big. Attacking her cheating husband with golf clubs, demolishing a perfectly good $12 million mansion…

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife had her $12 million Florida mansion bulldozed to the ground so she could rebuild her “dream home”. I’m confused. Because give me a $12 million mansion--any $12 million mansion, and that’s my dream home. But not Elin, she has other plans.

At 9,000 square feet, the six bedroom, eight bathroom estate is located on Billionaire’s Row in North Palm Beach, 80 miles north of Miami. Well, it was located there. Pieces of it are still located there. Now leveled, the land is also 11 miles south of Woods’ home on Jupiter Island. Elin reportedly wanted to live close to Tiger for the sake of the kids.


According to TMZ, Elin hired an expensive, high-profile architect to build her dream home, and according to sources, every single worker has to sign a confidentiality agreement.

I’m sure the new place will be great, but still, what a waste. I can’t imagine what Elin is going to rebuild that’s dreamier than this home. A ferris wheel room? A jetted bathtub with a built-in TV? An intricate maze of hamster tubes with real, live hamsters in them? Okay, I just described my 10 year-old “dream home” sketches.

Nordegren also owns a $2.3 million estate on an island near Stockholm, Sweden. She reportedly got $110 million in her divorce settlement with Tiger.