Rachel Uchitel Slept With Elin's New Boyfriend Too

July 19, 2011 By:
Rachel Uchitel Slept With Elin's New Boyfriend Too

Tiger Woods' #1 mistress Rachel Uchitel is like the town bike that everyone gets a ride from. From LA to NY to Miami—she’s been with just about everyone.

Tiger’s ex wife Elin Nordegren just recently moved on and has been quietly dating Jamie Dingman, and Elin just found out Rachel has slept with her new boyfriend too. Seriously Rachel, isn’t your va-jay-jay tired?!

Elin’s boyfriend Jamie and Rachel hooked up twice in Miami in October 2009, reports TMZ. They were staying together in Miami while working on an “investment business” just two months before the Tiger Woods scandal broke. Jamie had a girlfriend at the time, but apparently she wasn't around much.

They stayed together for 2.5 weeks at the home of Chris Barish, the third partner is the biz deal. People at the house confirmed to TMZ that Jamie would often come out of Rachel’s room late at night. Drop a quarter in the door and its sexy time with Rachel.

Rachel reportedly talked about the hookup to Barish, who at the time was hooking up with Jen Madden, the woman who sold the Tiger scandal story to the National Enquirer.

Apparently Jen got most of the info for the Tiger scandal story from conversations she had with Rachel, Jamie and Barish.

Poor Elin, she just can’t catch a break. She has to pre-screen future boyfriends to find out if Rachel got there first. And that girl has definitely been around the block—five times.