Elin's Summer Plan: Renovate and Divorce!

April 21, 2010 By:
Elin's Summer Plan: Renovate and Divorce!

Elin Nordegren is off on vacation in her homeland of Sweden. But just because she may be enjoying a little time away from the States and the scandal surrounding her and Tiger Woods doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a plan in place.

Sources say Elin is set on staying in Sweden through the entire summer with the children. She’ll be overseeing “nonstop construction” on her $3 million home she just bough herself in Vaxholm. A source tells Us Weekly, "She is definitely planning on spending a lot of time there -- they are gutting it.”

Tiger Parties Hard With Elin Gone

"She and the kids are going to be spending most of the summer there," the source continues. "Without Tiger."

Number 2 on the list is to divorce her husband. We’ve heard chatter about the big D for weeks now, but, like Sandra Bullock, Elin seems to be closer than ever. "It's 100% happening," an insider says. "Elin and her mom met with a lawyer before they went to Sweden."

So why has this process been dragged out so long? Guess when your husband is worth as much as Tiger, you want to be sure you dot every I and cross every T. A source says, "It's going to take a long time to go through. [But] she will go through with it. She is all about being a mom. She will do it slowly and carefully."

Good for her! As we learned today, Tiger doesn’t seem too remorseful, and partied the night his wife took off! This marriage is pretty much over anyway—it just needs to be made official.