Elin Nordegren's New Boyfriend: Investor Jamie Dingman

July 15, 2011 By:
Elin Nordegren's New Boyfriend: Investor Jamie Dingman

Elin Nordgren has found a new man—billionaire investor Jamie Dingman. Apparently she wanted to find a man whose career didn’t involve putting things in holes.

Elin has been single since August, and she finally seems to have moved on. According to The New York Post, Nordegren and Dingman have been dating for the past several months.

A Swedish photo agency captured the couple kissing outside of Nordegren’s Stockholm apartment. She recently put the three-bedroom, two-bathroom penthouse on the market for $5 million. She purchased a $12.2 million Florida mansion in March, only ten miles from Wood’s new home.

I hope Jamie Dingman likes having his penis on total lock down. Because after going through all the Tiger Woods drama, Elin’s probably safeguarding that thing with barbed wire and a Doberman.

Dingman has reportedly dated Bridget Moynahan and Princess Madeleine of Sweden, although the Post says he and Madeleine were just friends. You can kiss that friendship goodbye, Dingham.

The investor specializes in Russian private equity funds and has also owned an Indy car-racing team. No word on how serious the couple is, but if they married, she’d be Elin Nordgren-Dingman. I’m pretty sure I bought bookshelf from Ikea with the same name.