Elin Nordegren Vs. Rachel Uchitel: Wife Versus Mistress

July 3, 2010 By:
Elin Nordegren Vs. Rachel Uchitel: Wife Versus Mistress

Elin Nordegren is walking away $100 million richer than she technically was when married to Tiger Woods. But with that new money comes a whole new life of singledom.

Elin will forever be known as the woman Tiger cheated on with countless whores and strippers. She’ll have to eventually explain to her children what their father did to rip the family apart. So $100 million may seem like a crapload of money, but for everything she’s been through, especially in the public eye, we don’t think it’s enough. Tiger’s net worth is approximated at around $600 million—we think Elin deserved half.

Now for Rachel Uchitel, Tiger’s #1 ho on the side, who has been enjoying the limelight a little too much. We’ve seen her at countless Hollywood events, and she stands there acting as though she belongs just as much as any other “celebrity” in the room. To keep quiet about just how dirty her philandering with Woods was, Uchitel was paid $10 million. Up next, she reportedly landed her own reality show about finding a decent guy out there post-scandal.

For us, Uchitel being paid $10 million to STFU seems like a little much, now that we know Nordegren’s settlement. All Rachel had to do was be a homewrecker to get that money.

Elin, on the other hand, was a devoted and dedicated wife to Tiger, who likely would have stayed with him forever, had his affairs never become public knowledge. According to a recent report from the Sun, part of that settlement is to never speak about the cheating scandal. And that means no tell-all books, no interviews, no nothing.

Elin definitely got the short end of the stick when it comes to the settlement. Yes, $100 million is a lot of money, but seeing what Rachel Uchitel got, Elin deserved much more.