Elin Nordegren Leaves Town to Visit Sick Mother

April 12, 2010 By:
Elin Nordegren Leaves Town to Visit Sick Mother

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods have both jetted out of Orlando Florida, but they're certainly not vacationing together.

Elin boarded a private jet to visit her sick mother, who is undergoing private treatments at a facility in Arizona, while Tiger is spending some quality time with their two children.

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"Elin's mother is having private treatments in the U.S., " a source tells People of Elin hopping a flight to pay her ailing mom a hospital visit. "Even though it is paid for in Sweden, her mother had private treatments here before and really liked where she was."

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Meanwhile, Tiger flew out of Orlando with his two children early Monday morning. They both decided it would be a good idea to take separate vacations. Tiger just announced that he's going to take another break from golf, presumably to spend more time with his kids and try to repair his marriage--if it's fixable.