Eddie Murphy Named Most Overpaid Actor In Hollywood

December 5, 2012 By:
Eddie Murphy Named Most Overpaid Actor In Hollywood
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Eddie Murphy is the most overrated actor in Hollywood. Did I say overrated? I meant to say overpaid. He’s overpaid, by millions.

Usually Forbes magazine lists the world’s richest people, this time they rounded up the richest people who don’t deserve to be that rich.

Basically, Eddie Murphy gets paid a sh*t ton of money to make crappy movies like Imagine That, A Thousand Words and Meet Dave and those movies barely make back what it cost to hire Eddie. Thus, he is the most overpaid actor in Hollywood.

For example, for every $1 that Eddie was paid for his last three movies, they made the studio approximately $2.30. In Hollywood, that is NOTHING.

I could list more box office flops starring Eddie Murphy, i.e. Tower Heist, Norbit, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, basically movies you don’t remember.

Next on the list of highly overpaid actors is Katherine Heigl, who pretty much only does bad rom coms now (or ever?). She only makes $3.40 for every dollar paid. Tsk Tsk.

Reese Witherspoon, despite being considered a “great actress,” has been making bad movies lately like How Do You Know, which cost $120 million to make but only earned $50 million. The movie made NEGATIVE money because it cost so much to hire Reese and the other actors. 

Surprisingly Sandra Bullock, Jack Black, Nicolas Cage, Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller and Sarah Jessica Parker also made the list. All actors we widely consider “movie stars.” Might want to start rethinking that title.