Eddie Furlong Arrested For Beating Girlfriend

October 30, 2012 By:
Eddie Furlong Arrested For Beating Girlfriend
Image By: wenn.com

Judgment day has come for Edward Furlong.

The actor, who has fallen victim to a slippery streak as of late, has landed into another personal mess. On Tuesday morning, the Terminator 2 star was arrested in LAX for domestic violence.

According to TMZ, cuffs were slapped on Furlong around 1 a.m. on Tuesday, shortly after the incident went down. The actor reportedly got physical, grabbing his girlfriend’s arm during an argument.

While that doesn’t sound all too bad, the celebrity gossip source also reports that responding officers on the scene noticed visible marks on the woman’s arm. Okay, so it's pretty bad.

Furlong was taken into custody and is currently being held on $50,000 bail.

This doesn’t exactly come as a breath of fresh air for Furlong, who has had a stroke of bad luck lately, at least according to headlines.

Most recently, the actor was featured on gossip blogs for having his wallet stolen during a trip to Skid Row in L.A. Since then he recovered his wallet but the question of “what the hell is Eddie doing on Skid Row in the first place?” was never addressed.

It’s no secret that the actor as struggled with addiction to hard drugs, DUI and restraining orders in the past; an apparent consistency with what has become known as the “Terminator Curse.”

But, what you may not expect is that, other than the whole being in jail thing, Eddie is doing just find when it comes to finding work.

The actor has a slew of films currently in postproduction and three others prepping for filming.

A call to Furlong’s camp – yes, he actually still has representation too! – has not been returned.