Eddie Cibrian to Sue Tabloid

November 9, 2009 By:
Eddie Cibrian to Sue Tabloid

Eddie Cibrian has had just about enough of the tabloids talking about him. In fact, now he’s even seeking legal counsel to deal with it.

Life & Style magazine recently ran an article about Eddie already cheating on LeAnn Rimes with 24-year old aspiring actress named Scheana Marie.

And according to Access Hollywood, Eddie is planning on suing the mag. A statement from his rep reads: “Unfortunately Life & Style Magazine has chosen to go out with a story filled with inaccuracies and deceitful lies, presumably to titillate sales but clearly resulting in harm to Eddie Cibrian and others,” the statement from Cibrian’s rep, on behalf of the star, read.

“This is irresponsible and reckless journalism. Eddie has met with his attorneys and will be filing a suit for libel and other actionable grounds shortly. It’s a shame that Life & Style resorted to a story of this nature and they will regretfully now have to face scrutiny of untruthful reporting in a court proceeding.”

A spokesperson for Life & Style said, “We stand by our reporting.”

Whether it’s true or not, both and Eddie and LeAnn have made their beds, and now they have to lie in them! They’re going to have a hard time getting rid of their bad reputations!