Eddie Cibrian Going on Tour With LeAnn Rimes

September 21, 2009 By:
Eddie Cibrian Going on Tour With LeAnn Rimes

Looks like Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are still going strong!

According to reports, the two are not only still dating, but Eddie is accompanying LeAnn while she’s on tour.

Us Weekly spotted the lovebirds on Saturday in Pomona, CA, heading for a workout prior to Leann’s performance that night at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Eddie and LeAnn’s exes are continuing to show support for each other. A source tells the mag, "They have been supporting each other. They're the ones who understand what the other is feeling."

We still can’t get a read on these two. Are they really in love? Or is this all for show to drum up some publicity to make them more relevant?