Brandi Glanville Drunkenly Gets Married in Vegas

January 3, 2012 By:
Brandi Glanville Drunkenly Gets Married in Vegas

UPDATE: That was short lived. Looks like Brandi's marriage is about to get annulled. The couple plan to have the union annulled, Harvey Tweeted Monday, calling the wedding as a "drunken BFF thing."

Because the ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are classy individuals who throw fancy game nights where cornish game hens are served and lavish backyard weddings for daughters who are bizarrely named “Pandora,” and they also get wasted in Las Vegas and marry random karate teachers! Wait, what?

Brandi Glanville, the newest Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, also the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian before he cheated on Glanville with LeAnn Rimes, got married in Vegas over the New Year.

We know this because she tweeted about it.

“I’m married again – suuuuuuck it!” says Glanville in an actual tweet.

Suuuuuuck it? Usually that line is reserved for tweets like, “Just bought a Wii. Suuuuuuck it!” or “There’s a Krispy Kreme opening next door to my apartment. Suuuuuuuck it!”

Glanville married a man she refers to as her “best friend” named Darin Harvey, a Mixed Martial Arts manger. He’s not a famous person, which tends to be a “thing” in Hollywood (i.e. Britney Spears marries some guy named Jason Alexander in Vegas).

“After some beer and strippers he is now my husband. No joke!” tweeted Glanville, in case you thought it was a joke.

Her husband Harvey tweeted that the nuptials was just a “drunken BFF thing.” What? A drunken BFF thing is when you and your bestie decide to get wasted and buy like 100 McNuggets and watch videos of cats on the internet. Drunken BFF things never end in marriage. Who are these people?

Anyways, Glanville then told E! News, who were probably foaming at the mouth that they didn’t film any of it for the reality show, “Yes, we had a New Year’s ceremony,” says Glanville, “He is just a BFF – we will annul it.”