Watch a Movie, Help the Earth

April 21, 2009 By:
Watch a Movie, Help the Earth

Earth Day is this coming Wednesday, April 22 and Disney Nature is bringing us an inspiring look at our wonderful planet. The Movie Earth hits theaters on April 22nd and it showcases the lives of three wildlife families in and around their home environment.

James Earl Jones narrates the film, but the true star of the movie is our planet. With all the rage of everybody "Going Green," Hollyscoop hit the red carpet to get the scoop on why this movie is so important for our planet.

The filmmakers explained, "I think we can all do a little bit to help raise the awareness. Cinema is not the place to start a revolution, but cinema is the place to move people and engage them emotionally. This film will make you fall in love with the planet, what you do with it is your choice."

Dancing with the Stars cast member, Tony Dovolani told Hollyscoop, "I think in a film like this it brings awareness. The more people that watch this film, the more it will hit the back of their head saying maybe I should recycle. You can never do enough for the planet cause the planet has done so much for us."

We also asked Dancing with the Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba about her anticipation of the film, "I have been dying to see it, I saw the preview a couple weeks ago and then I got the invitation to come and I was like 'yes, I am going to be the first one there'. This movie looks so great!"

Inaba also let us in on some environmentally safe fashion tips, "People don't know this but you could do it with your fashion, this is called a raw bag and its made out of bamboo and its so cute."

With more and more celebrities and politicians focusing on the planet earth we could assume that this film will definitely inspire people to take action. Disney Nature's Earth is just one step in the right direction.

Are you doing your part to go green? If you have any great tips on going green, share them with other Hollyscoop readers in the comments section below!