Police Determine Dylan McDermott’s Mom Was Murdered

June 25, 2012 By:
Police Determine Dylan McDermott’s Mom Was Murdered

The “American Horror Story” star unfortunately has some of his own horror from his past…

Connecticut police have determined that Dylan McDermott’s mother Diane was murdered in February 1967. The initial cause of death was ruled as an accident.

According to the Republican American, the request to reopen the case came directly from the actor.

“He said, 'In order for me to survive and to get where I am today, I needed to bury that moment in my life deep within myself,'" Police Superintendent Michael Gugliotti told the source.

The actor told Gugliotti that he has finally arrived at a time in his life where he can “begin to process all of this.”

Dylan was five years old at the time of his mother’s death. He was standing outside their apartment door when he remembered hearing the shot.

With the case reopened, police have gathered enough evidence to issue a murder charge. A man by the name of John Sponza, Diane’s boyfriend who was living with the family at the time, was charged with the murder. Unfortunately, Sponza died forty years ago…

Spouza reportedly has ties to organized crime. His own body was found in the trunk of a car in a Massachusetts grocery store lot in 1972.

The man responsible for Diane’s death initially told police that she committed suicide. New evidence in the defrosted case suggests that the gun found by the victim’s side was too small a caliber to produce the damage that it did. Also, the bullet hole was in the back of Diane’s head…

Obviously, they didn’t have “Law & Order” back then.

With the newfound closure, Dylan tweeted earlier today:

“I'd like to thank everyone for their amazing support today. It means so much to me. It's been a long, hard journey that ended in victory.”