Dwyane Wade Gives Up Basketball for the Simple Life

August 25, 2010 By:
Dwyane Wade Gives Up Basketball for the Simple Life

Forget pro basketball, Dwyane Wade has a new gig! Wade went undercover at Dick's Sporting Goods in Chicago on behalf of G Series Pro. dressed incognito as “Gordon,” a Dick’s employee.

In the hilarious video (a must see!) below, he shared his all-star personality and wealth of knowledge about the product with both customers and fellow employees alike. But with an 83 inch wingspan, “Gordon” was no ordinary employee, and it wasn't until the big reveal that shoppers learned "Gordon" could do more than reach the high shelves.

Strategically placed hidden cameras throughout the store captured Wade, dressed in a wig and glasses, hinting about his true identity. While some recognized the basketball hero in short order, others remained clueless until the very end - or refused to believe it at all.

At the end of the day, Dwyane shed his “Gordon” disguise and revealed himself to the Dick’s customers as none other than DWade himself, and one of Miami's biggest stars. Mini basketball challenges, teasing, and impromptu store intercom fun ensued. After declaring G Series Pro to be his product of choice on the intercom, Dwyane left fans in complete awe and brought a lot of excitement for customers on what could have been another typical Monday.

Check out the must see video below for a great laugh...