The Rock Wants Obama to Play Him in a Biopic

March 10, 2009 By:
The Rock Wants Obama to Play Him in a Biopic

Dwayne Johnson, like many celebrities, is a big fan of President Barack Obama. The two became close prior to Obama taking office, and realized they had a lot in common! The Rock even says that he gets mistaken for our President. We don’t know how that’s possible, seeing as though he’s twice his size in muscle!

But Dwayne just loves being compared to someone of Obama’s stature. He recently told, "All the comparisons have been such an honor - how cool! We make a hell of a pair. We had an opportunity to talk before the election. We talked about everything from our roots in Hawaii, our family and the importance of great leadership for our country, which is certainly one of the many things he provides."

But it goes beyond the physical similarities for The Rock. He says he’d like to see Obama play him in a biopic! He says, "Barack Obama (should play me). I hear that (we sound alike) all the time. You know I've gotten to know him, and he's a big time athlete, and loves athletics, so I'm sure he could bulk up."

Well we’re sure there are a few things Obama needs to handle before he starts accepting movie roles. But it’s funny to think about! Maybe the roles should be reversed and The Rock should be playing Obama in a movie! The Rock does seem to be a favorite in the Obama household! He tells Moviefone, "He did tell me that I was one of Michelle Obama's favorite actors. He was telling me that the girls, Sasha and Malia were big fans of The Game Plan."

He sounds like a shoe-in! But maybe we could wait a few years this time? W with Josh Brolin was even too soon, and that was at the end of George W. Bush’s term!