27 Times The Rock Proved He's the Only Life Coach You'll Ever Need

February 13, 2014 By:
27 Times The Rock Proved He's the Only Life Coach You'll Ever Need
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The Rock is the most positive person social media has ever known. Every update is like a shot of adrenaline—a much-needed pick-me-up when you’re feeling at your lowest and laziest—proving that the actor is a one-man self-help seminar.


1. Whenever he smiles.

This is how Rock smiles.


2. Literally anytime he smiles like this.


3. Which is a lot of times.


4. When he wears the second amendment on his biceps.

Because, daaaamn, look at those arms.


5. Or when he shows you how he gets his pecs.


6. When he trained with a disabled fan and inspired millions.


7. When he bought his housekeeper of 10 years a brand new car.


8. When he introduced us to his gym buddy, Kyle.

They run into each other at the same gym often.


9. When he has to bend down into our stratosphere to pet a dog.


10. When he kicks your ass into shape on the daily with his selfies.


11. When he apparently never stops working out.


12. Like, never stops.


13. Is The Rock ever 25 feet away from an exercise machine at any given time?


14. When he showed us how to really have a “cheat day.”


15. No, like, really have a cheat day.


16. Whenever he hugs senior citizens.

That’s the late wrestling pioneer “Aunty Mae” Young.


17. When he set the bar for all celebrity photobombs.

You have your work cut out for you, celebrities!


18. When he was happier than all Christmas mornings combined.


19. When he takes the time to speak to incarcerated teens.


20. Especially when he counsels struggling youth one-on-one.


21. When he reminds you to stay determined and focused.


22. When his first tweet of the new year was a Beyoncé reference.

Because is there honestly any other way to start a new year?


23. When he dipped out of this helicopter like, “No big deal, just dipping out of a helicopter.”


24. When he showed that having a sense of humor is everything.


25. When he proved that even Superman isn’t invincible.


26. When he shared his inspirational journey.


27. But most importantly, when he won Splash Mountain.

Possibly his greatest achievement.


Thanks, Rock, for being an inspiration every day of the year, 24/7!