11 Times The Rock Made Our Hearts Grow Another Size

July 22, 2014 By:
11 Times The Rock Made Our Hearts Grow Another Size
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The Rock has a way with his kid fanbase, and it's enough to give you the freaking cutest heart attack.


1. Like when he played Patty Cake with his Hercules co-star.


2. Or when he spontaneously surprised some fans in Australia.


3. When he met his biggest littlest fan WHO ALREADY HAS FAKE TATTOOS THAT MATCH HIS.


4. When he taught this troubled teen a valuable life lesson about starting fresh.

And he's speaking from experience, so it goes to show how rooted and down to Earth he is.


5. When he helps his nieces and nephews track Santa Clause every holiday season.


6. But it's in the gym when he's the most adorable. Like when he works out with his buddy, Lorenzo.


7. Or his other buddy Kyle.


8. He's always letting these guys know how inspiring they are.


9. And that they’re just as strong as he is!


10. When he helps finish the last piece of pie with his daughter every Thanksgiving.


11. When he’s always so willing to give back to his fans.