Drew Lachey Cheating On His Wife?

March 19, 2008 By:
Drew Lachey Cheating On His Wife?

No one even really knew who Drew Lachey was until Dancing WIth The Stars rebooted his failing career. And now he's rumored to be doing a little more than dancing with his ex-partner Cheryl Burke

After winning in 2006, the couple were a part of a national tour for the show, and reportedly got a little too close for comfort, seeing as though Drew is married. 

According to Star Magazine, the two didn't try to hide it very well, and Cheryl's then boyfriend even walked in on them. Scandalous! That show is crazy. People are hooking up left and right with each other.

The dancers are paired up with their partners for hours and hours each day in some pretty sexual routines. Guess it's too tempting for some to just keep it professional.