It's 'The End' For Drew Barrymore And Warner Bros.

August 2, 2012 By:

It’s the end of the world as told by the whimsical mind of Drew Barrymore.

The blonde Charlie’s Angel will take the reigns again as director for a new film about the end of the world. Barrymore has sealed a deal with Warner Bros. to direct the film simply titled The End.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the news…Rather than the doom and gloom told in films like 2012, The End promises to convey the lighter side to the end of all humanity.

Written by Aron Eli Coleite, the film will follow three different storylines as they all journey to their last days of existence. There is a teen American Midwest couple torn between opposing families, there’s an aging London radio personality sworn to broadcast to the final moments of doomsday, and – just for flavor – there’s a Tokyo father trying to reconnect with his wife and baby.

Eli Coleite’s resume includes writing credits on both “Heroes” and the new television series “The River.”

The End’s production will be overseen by Jesse Ehrman.

Barrymore made her directorial debut in the 2009 girl-power roller derby film Whip It. However, unlike the first take, she’ll hold off on assuming a role in the new film. (Probably because she’ll either still be pregnant or trying to shed baby weight. When’s she due again?)

The director and actress married her fiancé Will Kopelman in early June after being engaged for five months. Like The End’s budget, it was a modest affair. Kopelman is her third swing at the whole marriage thing.

In addition to demolishing planet Earth, Barrymore is attached to direct and produce the teenage hormonal thriller Heist Society and the upcoming romance How to Be Single.