Drew Kicks Justin Out of the House

November 20, 2009 By:
Drew Kicks Justin Out of the House

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long just can’t keep it together. They’re on, they’re off—we can’t keep up! And the latest in the dramatic relationship is that Drew has asked Justin to move out of her house.

According to Star magazine, Drew gave her BF the boot from her four-bedroom Hollywood Hills home earlier this month. A source tells the mag, “Drew really had it with being Justin’s babysitter at home. And it’s not just that he made a mess, it’s his attitude. He gets mopey and is a big-time couch potato. She isn’t thrilled about seeing this side of him.”

The two starting shacking up together in August, which was about a year after they first decided to split up. They were seen back together last spring. “Drew hadn’t figured Justin to be a slob, but he started acting like a frat boy and left his stuff all over the place and never straightened up after himself,” says the source. “It drove her nuts!”

But it may not be totally over between the two—apparently Drew just wanted a little more space. “She gently told Justin that things would be better between them if he moved back to his own place,” says the source. “Then it would be special when they’re together — they wouldn’t feel like an old married couple.”

The insider says getting the boot has really made Justin realize he wants to be with her. “It was really the wake up call he needed,” says the source. “He knows Drew’s a great girl. He’s going to do everything he can to make her happy.”

Do you think these two can make it?