Drew Barrymore Wants to Get Married and Have Kids ASAP!

October 6, 2011 By:
Drew Barrymore Wants to Get Married and Have Kids ASAP!

Drew Barrymore is in a serious relationship? Apparently Barrymore has been dating Will Kopelman for almost a year and yes, they are in love. This chick "falls in love" as often as the regular person ties their shoe.

So anyways, her new beau is an art consultant (whatever that is) but US Weekly has described him as a "socialite type and a playboy" and the son of Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman. So basically, he has a fake job and daddy pays for his cool ray-ban sunglasses. Regardless of what he does for money he and Drew and apparently going to tie the knot very soon.

According to "sources," Drew Barrymore is desperate to get married AND have kids and she wants Will to be the baby-daddy.

Don't let Drew Barrymore's hippie-chic persona fool you, she turns 37 in February and finally her biological clock has started ticking.

The source tells Us Weekly that Barrymore is "yearning to get married and have kids." They've been together since around February of this year but apparently Will wants to hold off on popping the question until "around the one-year mark of their dating," adds the source.

A Valentines Day proposal would be just around the 1-year mark and would be totally cheesy, yet Barrymore would probably be all about it.

"He's madly in love and knows she's The One, but he just needs a bit more time," says the insider.

Barrymore has been married twice before AND engaged an additional two times, that's not including all the failed long-term relationships she's had. So when Drew Barrymore wants to get engaged, she doesn't mess around. I bet her friends are sick of acting surprised at her engagement. "Wow, congrats! This is the 5th time, right?!"

While Kopleman's source says he wants to wait until February to propose, he realizes his girlfriend isn't getting any younger.

"If this were some twentysomething woman, there would be no rush," says the source.

However, Barrymore has baby fever. Putting even more pressure on her BF to lock it down. However, when has marriage ever stopped a celeb couple from having a baby?

"I could see her getting pregnant before they get married!" says the insider.

Drew Barrymore's dating history is insane. Mostly because I always assume that Drew Barrymore is eternally 29 (Her skin is perfect! She dresses like one of those rock-star girlfriends!) so when you find out how many people she's dated it's surprising.

Her first boyfriend was Corey Feldman. She dated Rick Salomon 10 years before he made "1 Night in Paris" with Paris Hilton. She's dated David Arquette, Ed Norton, and even Andy Dick who is now gay, or something? She married an Irish bartender named Jeremy Thomas and married Tom Green. She also dated Sam Rockwell, Spike Jonze and of course, Justin Long. So yeah, homegirl got around.