Drew Barrymore Remaking Charlie's Angels

February 10, 2010 By:
Drew Barrymore Remaking Charlie's Angels

Drew Barrymore got the chance to star in the movie adaptation of Charlie's Angels, and now she’s attempting to bring the series back to television! According to TV Guide, Drew is working with McG (who directed the movie versions) on the project.

The two are now trying to recruit a new trio of angels, whom Barrymore says should be “incredibly capable, but not take themselves too seriously. That’s a tough combination to find.”

McG adds, “This is a more progressive, 2010 take on the idea.”

They’re reportedly interested in keeping Lucy Liu as one of the angels, especially since the cancellation of Cashmere Mafia. “We want to be even more progressive in terms of racial background,” adds McG, whose ideal Angel is Rihanna. Drew might go a step further with Charlie’s first-ever gay male Angel! “Totally!” she says.

As for the voice of the boss, McG says his number one pick is John Forsythe, whom he says “would always be my first call.”

Every good TV series seems to get remade at some point! We don’t know if it could top the original though!