Drew Barrymore on Justin Long: We're Just Friends

April 17, 2009 By:
Drew Barrymore on Justin Long: We're Just Friends

Once in a blue moon a couple will break up and actually stay friends. It doesn't happen often, but it's possible. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are one of those couples.

They split last year after almost getting married, took some time apart, and reunited as friends. But according to Drew, they're not a couple again--or so she says.

On being single again, Drew says, "I love it! It's great! I get to be who I am and do what I want and be with the people I love. I feel like I have everything, and I'm very fortunate, and it's a very rich, fulfilling time in my life," she told Us Weekly.

On Friday's Ellen DeGeneres Show, Drew adds that her and Justin, who have been spending a lot of time together lately for their new romantic comedy Going the Distance-- are just "good friends."

"We're doing a film this summer," she says. "I guess people find it a little confusing. I totally understand. It seems like, 'What is the deal with them?' But we just adore each other. We're in each other's lives, and we're friends, and we're working together, and we have worked together."

We can't tell if they "adore" each other strictly as friends or if there's something more. They did make a great couple, so we'd be the first to congratulate them if they reunited. What are your thoughts on their "friendship?"