Drew Barrymore Is Still Close With Her Exes

February 5, 2009 By:
Drew Barrymore Is Still Close With Her Exes

Drew Barrymore is single and loving it! So why do we keep spotting her with her exes?

Drew and Justin Long were seen not too long ago dancing at a Hollywood club, but don’t get the wrong idea! Because according to Drew, they’re not rekindling the flame.

Drew appears on Ellen today, and talks about how she’s still close with at least two of her ex-boyfriends, Justin Long and Fabrizio Moretti.

She tells Ellen, "People are always like 'Is it awkward?' I'm like, 'No, because if you can't be with somebody, it doesn't mean that the love has to go away. It just transfers to something different that works at that point in your life.”

That’s an interesting take on things Drew! We wonder if the exes feel the same way! For instance, Drew calls Justin “a really, really good friend.”

She says, "We hang out all the time and people are like 'Are you getting back together?' And, we're like, 'No we're just friends.' He's just the sweetest guy."

Aside from just hanging out with some of her exes, Drew even works with some of them! She tells Ellen that she’s currently working on a project with former flame Fabrizio Moretti.

She says, "My ex-boyfriend Fabio, [whom] I was with for five years -- he's the drummer for The Strokes -- and I was just showing him my new movie, and we're talking about doing a song together. I mean that's just the way -- if you're fortunate enough -- that life can be, and it's so harmonious.”

Oh Drew, such a hippie. But at least she doesn’t hang on to the past in a bad way like so many girls do. As long as the feeling is mutual between her and the ex-boyfriends, we think it’s healthy!