Drew Barrymore Interviews Ellen Page

February 19, 2008 By:
Drew Barrymore Interviews Ellen Page

Mega starlet Drew Barrymore sat on the other side of the table for the upcoming issue of Interview Magazine.  In the March issue, Drew Barrymore interviews Oscar nominee Ellen Page, the star of Juno.  Page and Barrymore are currently working together on another project, which is Drew's directorial debut. 

Here's a snippet from the interview with the girls:

 DB: "What's your idea of a perfect day?"
 EP:  "Lord. I don't know. Maybe wake up, have some delicious coffee, eat some delicious fruit, then go for a bike ride to a lake and bring a good book. And read and swim and read and swim — just something super simple, I guess. Mellow."
DB:     "And what about the next five years? What are your aspirations?"
EP: "I hesitate about having aspirations that are too intense, because I just don't know what's going to happen. As corny as it sounds, I guess the answer would be remaining as honest as possible and having the control to play roles that are fulfilling and challenging to me and that I feel passionate about. And I hope, in the next five years, that's going to be something I'll be able to do consistently."
DB: "What's most surreal about your life?"
EP: "Well, I did Oprah yesterday, and then I went to the NBR [National Board of Review] Awards last night and met Kate Winslet, whom I adore. I was all star-struck and trying to be supercool, but she came over to me!