Drew Barrymore: I'm In Love With My Fiancés Family

February 1, 2012 By:
Drew Barrymore: I'm In Love With My Fiancés Family

Decades of 70’s movies and listening to Jerry Seinfeld stand-up have led me to believe that you are supposed to hate your in-laws. The dad never approves of the new husband. The new wife is only marrying for money, yada yada, but according to Drew Barrymore, she’s absolutely over the moon with her fiancés entire family.

Drew Barrymore has just gotten engaged to art consultant Will Kopelman and according to Barrymore, “He has this incredible family.”

Has Drew Barrymore ever been not-optimistic about anything? She could get fast food food and be like, “I just went to the most incredible Mcdonalds on Pico and Overland…”

Anyways, we’ll believe Barrymore this time, even though she is overly gushy about everything.

Talking to Ellen DeGeneres, Barrymore says, “I am as in love with this family as I am with him. Which is an extraordinary sort of gift. You never take that for granted…it really is an absolute blessing. I feel very lucky. They’re incredible people.”

The lovely soon-to-be in-laws that she is referring to is Arie Kopelman, her fiancés dad, who was the former CEO of Chanel. His mother’s name is Coco, so that’s cool. Will’s sister's Jill Kopelman is a ”screenwriter” and went to a private school in Manhattan with Gwyneth Paltrow. The family is like NY elite, basically, just assume they are like the Van der Woodsen’s on Gossip Girl, or something.

Barrymore is gushing over her beau, calling him “a good man” and says, “I just feel really lucky and really happy and really calm. Which is a really wonderful feeling.”

So great. So happy for the happy couple. Now Drew, tell me about that whale movie you’re in that your supposed to be promoting…what’s it called, “Not Free Willy” or something?