Drew Barrymore: F**k Surgery

March 14, 2010 By:
Drew Barrymore: F**k Surgery

Don't expect to see Drew Barrymore looking like the cat lady anytime soon. Drew is so happy with her looks, she says she'll never undergo surgery.

“F*ck surgery!” Barrymore said in an interview with Britain’s Daily Mail. “I’m so curious as to what’s going to happen naturally that I can’t imagine wanting to alter things just yet.

“And to all those women putting botulism in their faces — we don’t know what the long-term effects are, so stop! I’d rather look like a basset hound than do that to my face!”

“I admit I’ve been fortunate. I’m not at that place yet, age-wise, and maybe when I am I’ll feel that way. But I think, ‘Get over it! Don’t be bitter and complainy! Figure out something else to do with your life.’

“It sucks that it’s sexist, and it sucks that it’s not often the case for men, but you don’t have to sit on the couch and be angry that you’re not getting roles. Pick up a camera, work at a dog rescue home, become a writer — there are a million things to do in this world.”

Drew is such a natural beauty she doesn't even need to get work done.