Drew Barrymore Converting to Judaism for Her Fiancé

January 25, 2012 By:
Drew Barrymore Converting to Judaism for Her Fiancé

Not only is Drew Barrymore converting to Judaism because her fiancé Will Kopelman is Jewish, but Barrymore reportedly wants her best friend Adam Sandler to be the best man in her wedding? Barrymore and Sandler are besties? She’s going to Hebrew school? Oh also, Sandler is helping her in her quest to convert. File this under: How random?

According to insiders, Barrymore is very close to Kopelman’s family and promised his parents that she will raise their future children Jewish. Only problem is, she ‘aint Jewish. I can just imagine ditzy Barrymore telling her future kids to put on their “tiny caps” and referring to the dreidel as “spinning dice.” Barrymore also wants to have a traditional Jewish wedding.

So anyways, in comes Adam Sandler. Barrymore and Sandler have reportedly gotten very close working on several movies together and Sandler is “even helping her with the process of converting to Judaism.” I don’t know how much “help” he is, but rather he just plays “The Hanukkah Song” on repeat.

Adam is also set to become Barrymore’s “best man.” I wonder if that means she’ll forgo having a maid of honor, and if that’s true, will Adam Sandler plan the Bachelorette party? I hope so, because it will probably take place in an RV with Judd Apatow acting as party stripper.

However, other than that, Barrymore admits to Good Morning America that she hasn’t really planned any other aspect of the wedding.

“We’re trying to figure it out,” says Barrymore, “I think everyone expects you to kind of know right away what the plans are.”

“I’m like, oh goodness, it just happened a month ago! Do I not have it together or is it ok to keep daydreaming?” she told GMA.

You can keep daydreaming as long as Adam Sandler doesn’t get promoted from best man to officiating rabbi. Then I insist that you “get it together.”