Drew Barrymore Converting to Judaism for Fiance Will Kopelman

March 8, 2012 By:
Drew Barrymore Converting to Judaism for Fiance Will Kopelman

I once saw a documentary on people who convert to Judaism for their spouses, and it’s quite the feat.

Oh right, that was an episode of ‘Sex and the City.’ Nevermind.

Drew Barrymore is pregnant, engaged, and a budding Jew. Barrymore is expecting her first child with her art consultant fiancé, and it's believed that she wants to convert to Judaism for him before their wedding.

A source said: “She's taking classes now on converting. She's doing it for Will and his family.”

The source also revealed that the wedding will be an “intimate” Jewish ceremony that will take place within the next few months.

Will asked Drew to marry him over Christmas, but another source says that neither knew about the pregnancy when he proposed.

An insider told Life & Style: "Drew didn't know she was pregnant when Will proposed.”

Yeah yeah, we get it. It’s not an obligatory proposal. But the source did add that Drew wants to have the wedding before the baby comes. Tom Green’s ex-wife is old fashioned like that.

“Drew is over the moon about the baby, but she wants a husband too,” the source said.

Either way, Drew joins the ranks of a handful of other celebrities who are pregnant and engaged: Kristin Cavallari, Jessica Simpson, Snooki….

"Although she's always been a bit of a wild child, at heart she's old-fashioned. She wants to pull together the perfect wedding in the next few months. She can't wait to be Mrs. Kopelman."