Baby Morph Monday: Drew Barrymore And Will Kopelman

June 11, 2012 By:
Baby Morph Monday: Drew Barrymore And Will Kopelman

Now that the pair have exchanged "I do's," Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman can focus all their energy into anticipating the next biggest thing that will ever happen to them, the birth of their first child!

In celebration of the future, let’s take a moment to recap the past.

February 2011: After a brief fling in 2010, Drew and Will start dating, seriously. The couple is occasionally photographed being cute, but Drew has completely outgrown her need to induce a media frenzy with her silly antics.

January 2012: Will, crazy about Drew, makes it official. They’re Engaged!!!!!

February 2012: The couple is seen leaving a doctor’s office, holding a sonogram – gasp!

March 2012: Drew converts to Judaism

April 2012: The couple throws a shower that was supposedly a wedding day/baby welcoming combo celebration, we weren’t invited, but a lot of people were.

May 2012: Drew and BFF Cameron Diaz do the whole wedding dress (Chanel, naturally) fitting affair.

June 2012: The happy couple tie the knot.

The past covered, let’s focus on the future… of their child!

So if you believe the gossip sites (and we would prefer that you do) Drew’s lil' bundle is a girl and will be arriving sometime around November.

November 2012 to _____ : This girl will have a charmed life filled with much love from her amazing, articulate and artistic parents. She’s going to be in touch with her hippy side and have no problem expressing herself and be balanced by a keen business sense. And humor, Drew loves to laugh, and we love her for it.

Oh yeah, and how cute it this kid going to be? Crazy cute!

Congratulations in advance to the proud parents of a child who’s destined to be nothing short of awesome. We’re totally jealous of this pending upbringing (no offense Mom).